Thursday, 24 May 2018
BALNAK to become a leader in booming markets with Ottoman Project

Balnak, which is one of the few logistics companies that can offer integrated service in Turkey with "One stop shop" motto, reinforces its domestic and international power with strategic steps while leaving 25 years behind.

lutfi_aygulerLütfi Aygüler, Balnak Board Chairman, who has stated that they aim for regional leadership by establishing partnerships in the Balkans, the Middle East, Turkic Republics and North Africa with the Ottoman Project that will be completed in 2015, has stated that their first stops will be Greece and Egypt.
Balnak, which has stepped into Turkish logistics sector in 1986 with 12-person core-crew and has become one of the leading actors of the sector, forges ahead to achieve its target to become a global brand. The company, which was offering land transportation only in Germany line 25 years ago, today makes its presence felt in all around the world with combination of road, sea, air and rail transportation. Lütfi Aygüler, Balnak Board Chairman, says, "When we take a look at our international transportation volume, we can say that Europe is still our largest market direction" and states that textile, automotive, spare parts, domestic appliances, chemistry, electronic and machinery are the sectors that they mostly offer service. Aygüler indicated that they focus on the distribution of fast moving consumer goods (food and non-food) and construction materials in Turkey and emphasized that besides transporting the products of large supermarket chains, they also track all processes such as stacking and labeling. "We are the customers' own storage. We offer A to Z logistics service," says Aygüler.

We will follow the 'Ottoman' model in growth
Aygüler, who has stated that there are important topics for short and medium-term in their agenda, has explained their aim as growing by establishing partnerships in the Balkans, the Middle East, Turkic Republics and North Africa, where the Ottoman Empire established sovereignty in the past. Aygüler, who has stated that they rolled up their sleeve for their new project named 'Ottoman Project' within this scope, and stated, "rather than turning Balnak into a company that has branches in all around the world, we have decided to structure our company in the Balkans, the Middle East and North Africa that we call the Ottoman region. We aim to become the leading logistics company in the region. We will take part in in regular transportation activities, project transportations from Turkey to the countries in the region, and in transit transportations to the countries of the region through Turkey. Our biggest guarantee to reach our goal is our strong infrastructure in global land-air-maritime and railroad transportation, qualified labor force and our rich agency network."

The Project will be completed in 2015
Aygüler has mentioned that they have entered into regional structuring process with Ottoman Project and they planned to complete the project by 2015. Aygüler has made the following evaluation by expressing that they have initiated negotiations with local companies in Egypt and Greece, which are their primary markets, within the scope of this project to establish partnerships: "We gave priority to Greece not only for it is geographical proximity, but also for the ongoing economic crisis. We consider Egypt as an entrance to Africa and continue our works. We plan to establish partnerships with local shipping companies in Romania and than in Ukraine. We are waiting for the political issues to be over for investment in countries, such as Syria and Libya. We aim to complete our structuring in the countries in this region until 2015. Rather than being a third class actor in developed countries, we want to become a company, which has strong investments in trending markets and conducts business not only in Turkey, but all around the world." Aygüler has stated that while taking firm steps to become a regional power, they will continue to exist and make investments in European and American markets.

Purchasing and introduction to the Exchange market are on the agenda
Lütfi Aygüler, who thinks that Turkey have not been affected by the crisis as much as Europe depending upon its position in the world and in connection with this, the logistics sector has acquired its share from the economic buoyancy, is hopeful about the last quarter of 2012. Aygüler, who has anticipated that Balnak will close this year with 10-15% of growth, also stated the following: "We aim to reach 165 million Euro of turnover by the end of the year. We plan to double this figure by 2015. We will achieve this goal not only by the Ottoman Project, but also by establishing partnership with a major Turkish company or by purchasing a company. We aim to grow in air and maritime lines. We will prefer a strong company in this field." Aygüler has also stated that the company aims to go public and they plan public offering as soon as they consider a good course in the exchange market in 2013.

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