Wednesday, 25 April 2018
BATU invests on sustainability with its Green and Boutique Solutions

Having provided services as of 2002, the year of its establishment in a wide range of activity such as road, sea, air, rail, and minivan transportation as well as domestic and international warehouse management, customs clearance, and foreign trade, Batu Logistics  continues its way by providing innovative solutions.

batu logisticsThe company that aims at providing its customers with the best services as a corporate logistics company that is dependent upon the continuous development, honesty, and prestige is each day adding a new success to its range of successes thanks to its strong substructures, expert staff, and quality-focused vision. Underlining that they became one of the top five in the UBAK list report of 2011 of the Ministry of Transport with regard to efficiency, Pırıl Gülenç, Vice General Manager of Batu Logistics, says, “The most important added value we have created for our customers is  that we provide  customer-based specific solutions by correctly analyzing their expectations. As Batu Logistics, some of the transportation activities for which we provide the most solution partnerships is chemical, frozen food, boxed and strapped textile and railway and seaway transportations.”

Registered the success with DB Rating Certificate
Inviting attentions to the fact that Batu Logistics has become entitled to receive the A2 note thanks to its strong financial structure, well-managed commercial performance as well as low risk and that it has registered this success with a ‘D&B Rating Certificate states the following:
“D&B Rating application is acknowledged to be one of the most effective tools in the entire world for measuring the company risks. From DB Turkey, we received A2 that is the highest note in the logistics sector. This note shows that Batu Logistics Company is a company with which it is possible to carry out businesses reliably in the international platform as well, because of its financial power and commercial performance.”

Extends the green transformation to all its processes  
Continuing the steps toward sustainable branding thanks to its corporate carbon and energy management approach, Batu Logistics is determined to be one of the banner-bearers of the concept of ‘green’ in the logistics sector. Such that the company is attracting attentions because of the transportation routes it follows and the investments it has made. According to the information given by Pırıl Gülenç, Batu Logistics transferred its transportations into seaways and reduced the distance it had taken by 251 thousand kilometres and prevented 13784 CO2/kg emission in the first quarter of 2012. In other words, it conserved 9,440 trees. The company also utilized 100% Euro5 percent low-emission vehicles and prevented 256 thousand CO2/kg emission and rescued 186,849 trees.
Underlining that in this direction, they were able to reinforce their fleet of vehicles thanks to new investments on 50 Renault Trucks-branded trucks that have environmental-friendly Euro5 form, Gülenç says, “With our 160 vehicles and conscious management substructure, we will have one of the greenest fleets that do not pose damage to nature.”
Stating that in order to support the green transformation, they have undertaken the sponsorship of many events in 2012, Gülenç says: “On 22 May 2012, we became one of the main sponsors and solution partners of the Logistics Optimization Conference. During the event, by planting saplings for each participant, partnering with the Aegean Forest Foundation and shared these certificates with the participants. We received quite positive feedbacks. We conducted the same work with TEMA Foundation in 2011. We became the second solution partner in Turkey’s Sustainable Brands Conference organized in 31 May 2012 that became the first in Turkey. Also this year again, we will take part in the Green Work & Green Business that will be held for the fourth time this year 18-19 October as a solution partner and supporter.”
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