Sunday, 18 March 2018
Business class comfort from Turkish Cargo to the Caracals!

Turkish Cargo has added a new one to its range of wild animal transports.

turkish_cargo_caracalsThe Wildlife Caracals set off from South Africa’s  province of Johannesburg to be delivered to Prague came  to Istanbul with TK 41 flight after 7.5 hours of flying through the careful works of the cargo personnel  considering the appropriate conditions in their special cages; and then, they are dispatched from Istanbul to Prague. As a result of the respective transport process, in which the international shipment rules and other specifications were perfectly complied with, these living beings that are in the wild animal category were delivered to their receiver without problems by Turkish Cargo.
For Turkish Cargo that provides many sectors, varying from textiles to plastics, from food to precious articles, from machineries to aircraft parts, with services, wild animal transport that is considered “More specific than what is specific” is a new area of service. Having taken its first steps into this field thanks to its transports of rhinos and sharks in 2011, Turkish Cargo seems it will make a name for itself and become banner-bearer in its sector thanks to its new projects.
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