Sunday, 18 March 2018
Çelebi Ground Handling Second in the world in ISAGO registration

Being the first and sole ground services corporation that was entitled to receive ISAGO registration in Turkey Çelebi Ground Handling has become the runner up in the world in this field.

talha goksel celebiMoreover, the Çelebi Ground Handling Stations broke records during the audits thanks to its high standards and service quality and added one more to its international success. Çelebi Ground Handling Stations received "zero" error in the inspection of all its stations from the ISAGO Manual consisting of 311 clauses and undersigned another hardly achievable success with its 5 stations entitled to the ISAGO registration in the same year. Talha Göksel, Çelebi Ground Handling General Manager said, “As Çelebi Ground Handling, in addition to the achievement of a significant breakthrough in terms of civil aviation and ground services sector being the first and still only company that is entitled to the ISAGO registration in Turkey, we are rightfully proud of being the runner-up in the world among 96 companies in this field.”
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