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CEVA focus on the Middle East and Central Asia

CEVA Logistics, the fourth largest contract logistics company on a global scale, continues unimpeded its growth in Turkey.

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ceva_logoAslan Uzun, Managing Director of CEVA Turkey and the Balkans, states that the company will continue to enhance its leadership and Pioneer position in the market also in 2012 with prospective new lines for Middle Eastern and Central Asian countries in addition to the present focus on international air and maritime transportation.

Today, USA-based CEVA Logistics offers service in 170 countries with over 1,200 offices, total of 10 million sqm of storage area and over 51.000 employees. The company, which has entered the Turkish market with a strong purchase in 2007, makes a solid impression with 40% of annual growth rate in the market. CEVA Logistics, which has announced that 2012 will be the year of investments in parallel with the growing business volume, aims to reinforce its leadership in the market with new investments and lines.
Aslan Uzun, Managing Director of CEVA Turkey and the Balkans, stated that the US market is a very important market for them in terms of international transportation; and the fact that the company’s USA origins have a positive effect. Uzun emphasized the wide network service they can offer service to their customers in USA, "We are one of the most important actors of the US market in logistics with a service structure that can meet the needs of door-to-door transportation, ocean freight and air transportation with our widespread domestic transportation network and storage capacity.
We have a considerable share in the total transportation traffic between Turkey and USA especially in the Aerospace industry, that is, in aircraft engine and equipment transportation. Depending upon the sectors that we offer service, we are primarily engaged in airline transportation towards this region."

End-to-end logistics solutions

Can you inform us about your position in Turkish logistics sector, your service range and your investments?

Our company, which started out as TNT Logistics in 2000, was acquired by the affiliates of Apollo Management L.P. in fall 2006. With this acquisition, our brand was re-positioned as CEVA Logistics as of December 2006 and we carry out our activities in Turkey under the name of CEVA Logistics Ltd. Sti since 2007. We achieved a phenomenal success in 2007 by actualizing the annual growth target in a bare 6 months. This success led to our repositioning as regional direction office covering also Greece.
The acquisition of Varan Kargo in 2008, enabled us to offer our corporate international logistics and storage services also to cargo customers. We manage our operations in Turkey as tailored to the demands and needs of our customers as well as the conditions of our country. Our ability to create the most suitable solutions for our customers makes us the most local international company. This insight is the pillar of our strength in Turkey. As CEVA Turkey, we mainly offer services in Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector including automotive-tire, mineral oil, technology and durable consumer goods, health, industry, sports equipment and toys. We offer a wide range of services in Turkey from international transportation to warehouse, from inbound operations to home delivery, from multi user and dedicated storage to light production.

How was the first half of 2012 for CEVA Logistics, which has been growing 40% per year since 2007?

2012 started out fine, but a recession followed after the first half of the year. We aim an organic growth around 15-20% each year. In March this year, we have opened Turkey's one and only Control Center in Istanbul, and in April, we have opened a 10,000 sqm Transfer Center in Gebze. We continue our investments at full speed with our 9,000 sqm cold logistics storage area recently opened in Adana in May. Storage investments in Adana and Gebze include a major logistics storage facility in Gebze one of the largest in Turkey, to become operational in September. Apart from this 1.5 million Euro investment on 60,000 sqm of area, we aim to initiate a new investment for a 30,000 sqm storage area in Hadımkoy by the end of the year.

To grow by new lines in Middle East & Central Asia

Which markets and sectors are the current and future focus of CEVA Logistics in reinforcing its position in logistics services?

In the upcoming period, we will be focusing on cold chain, e-trade, textile and pharmaceutical sectors. We have entered into cold chain logistics and we offer service in this sector with 300 cold chain vehicles. We offer service for the major e-trade companies such as Markafoni on the internet but there will be a major development in this business field. We also try to expand air cargo and railroad transportation in international transportation. We take advantage of the central location of Turkey in transit trade. In this sense, USA, Middle East, Far East-Africa and Europe-Turkic Republics are the locations that we focus on.
We will maintain our position as a market leader in 2012 with new investments. We plan to actualize 50,000-75,000 sqm of storage investment each year. We will have another 50,000 sqm of storage investment this year. In parallel with this, we will make investments in the fields of 'Information Technologies' and 'Human Resources'. We will also strategically focus on international airline and maritime transportation within the period of this plan. We will continue to open new lines for Middle Eastern and Central Asian countries.

CEVA charge of the US ‘Ketchup Queen’

Heinz Company and CEVA Logistics announced a groundbreaking 5 year Ocean freight contract. In a strategy led by Heinz’s global procurement organization, the agreement represents the first time that a shipper with an annual volume of 60,000 TEUs (Twenty foot Equivalent Units) has entrusted a single logistics provider with exclusive management of its Ocean freight. The benefits of this agreement for Heinz include a considerable complexity reduction, enhanced supply chain visibility and reduced supply chain cost. This contract is further evidence of CEVA’s strong growth in Ocean freight, one of the company’s key strategic priorities.
CEVA offers service in ocean transportation in more than 200 ports from North America to Asia-Pacific countries, from Europe to South America and Africa and fulfills one of the most important company strategies with this strategic partnership and growth in maritime transportation.
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