Sunday, 18 March 2018
DHL Express France will be managed from Türkiye

Michel Akavi, CEO of DHL Express Turkey, has been appointed as CEO of DHL Express France.

michel akaviAkavi, who has been keeping his position in DHL Express Turkey since 2000, will keep this position under the European President of the company, John Pearson. Akavi, who is the citizen of both Turkey and France, will take charge in both countries. With this appointment, Akavi will carry his successful work in Türkiye and his 13 years of experience with DHL to French market.
Michel Akavi, who was born in Istanbul and graduated from Istanbul Saint Joseph High School, has completed his undergraduate degree in France. After graduating from France Amiens Business School with masters degree in business administration, he has received his proficiency degree in International Economics from Sorbonne University; Akavi has taken charge in top management of many international companies since 1974. Throughout Akavi's period, who has accelerated the success of DHL Express Turkey with his creativity and innovative management style since 1999, the sales of the company has increased 13 times, and profitability of the company has increased 10 times.
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