Wednesday, 25 April 2018
Dogruer chases new opportunities in the US market

Expanding its market presence overseas by the help of new investments, Dogruer Logistics aims to grow in the US market which is among the three markets that the company has focused on the air and sea shipments.

cunayt dogruerThe company’s GM, Cuneyt Dogruer, says that Dogruer Logistics is in cooperation with two agencies in the US market where the 20% of total air cargo shipments performed. He also adds that they are seeking new cooperations in order to increase the volumes in sea shipments.
In every region of Turkey, providing service to various industries such as food, construction, textiles, packaging, chemistry, house appliances and FMCG; Dogruer Logistics meets all the customer demands including international road, sea, air and rail transportation, inland haulage, customs brokerage, warehousing, inventory and order management.
Dogruer Logistics has been established in 1961 as a customs brokerage company and having served its customers in all fields of logistics for more than 50 years, has rightfully taken its place among the leading logistics companies in Turkey. Having a modern fleet equipped with the latest technologies, warehouses in both Asian and European sides of Istanbul  and with 19 offices country wide and solution partners in locations of strategic importance; Dogruer Logistics offers specialized services to its clients needs. Customers are furnished with tailor made solutions in fields such as food (cold chain) and fast consumables where the whole chain is handled from production to the final consumer with skill and accuracy.
Dogruer Logistics General Manager Cuneyt Dogruer announces their priorities and objectives for the next 5 years as to increase their share in the markets that they operate, and in line with market trends, to establish new lines for all transport modes. He says that Dogruer Logistics is looking for the new collaborations in the U.S. market in order to increase their volumes in air and sea transportation business. He stresses that they will also present their services more in some lines in Europe which yet don’t have much volumes in their total business.

Would you please inform us about the main markets and the agency network of Dogruer Logistics which continues to invest in the field of international transportation with the aim of increasing brand awareness?
International road transport at Dogruer Logistics concentrates in Mid and Western Europe and particularly in Germany, Benelux and France. Our network of partners is formed of local independent agents with strength and expertise in their activities and their region. Also, thanks to the European logistics network of which we are a member, we are able to provide our customers with services such as international transport, warehousing, collection and distribution to all locations in Europe. Another region that Dogruer Logistics concentrates on are the CIS countries where road and air shipments are handled with utmost efficiency. In addition to transports from Turkey to CIS countries, transit shipments from Europe and the USA are also taken care of with speed and precision.
Construction projects form a major part of our volumes in this region. We play the role of the logistics service provider in many projects in the CIS countries and our activities and contributions continue to grow.
Our activities in international air and sea transportation continues on all routes worldwide with major volumes in the Far East, Europe and the USA. Aided by our widespread network of agents worldwide, we are capable of meeting all our customers’ logistics needs across the world. With its expert qualified staff and widespread and adequate agency network, Dogruer Logistics effectively carries out third country shipments out of Europe and the USA, temperature controlled shipments and similar value added services.

Transit transportation bridge in the US-Turkic Republics line
How the US market has a special importance for Dogruer Logistics? Please tell us about the Company’s structuring in this market…
Dogruer Logistics activities in the USA tend to concentrate on air freight shipments. A major proportion of our import volumes is taken by electronic appliances, where textiles take most of the volumes on our exports. The transit shipments that we handle from the USA to the CIS countries are also well worth mentioning. We can mention Baku and Ashgabat as our busiest destinations on these transit shipments. Our air freight volumes to and from the USA has been growing the last two years and today forms 20% of our air freight volume in total.
At present we are working with two agents in the USA and through our partners, we are able to provide a fast and reliable service throughout the States. Due to the nature of the merchandise that we handle for our customers, delivery times form the most important issue on our shipments to and from the USA, thus the volumes on our sea freight shipments are not as high as our air freight volumes.

Which difficulties do you face in the US operations and how do you overcome these obstacles?
We rarely face operational issues in the USA market and, with support from our partners, are able to overcome such difficulties if they occur. I can say that we have made good use of our experiences through the past and thus are able to run our current daily operations with minimum problems. Due to the fact that it is a long established route, the USA is a market where companies with the know-how can proceed without necessarily facing operational problems.

To close 2012 with a 20% growth
Lastly, what is your assessments on the first half of this year? What are the year-end targets?

All of us at Dogruer Logistics have actually had a very busy period through the first half of 2012. With the projects that we have brought to life, we are very close to achieving our growth targets for the year. With the new contracts that will start on the second half, we forecast a growth of 20% by the end of the year. Through the first half of the year we have made investments in our fleet of vehicles. Investments in our domestic warehousing capacities and operational and IT infrastructure has brought additional productivity and improvements to our services. The growth of our network of partners in Europe, together with the addition of new partners in 2012 has brought new destinations to our existing scope, thus bringing with it a rise in our overall volumes. As these new partnerships settle, we are expecting a busier period for the rest of the year. We have also attended our supplier base at the first half of the year and have grown our supplier base parallel to our increasing volumes.
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