Sunday, 18 March 2018
Domestic railed system wheels for trains on the way

The Machinery and Chemistry Industry Institution (MKE) will manufacture the domestic train and railed system wheels for the first time in Turkey and prevent approximately 100 million dollars of annual import.

ray steelThe protocol stipulating the manufacture of the wheels has been signed between the Turkish State Railways (TCDD) and MKE Institution. According to this protocol, annually average 12 thousand 500 mono-block wheels and 4 thousand wheel kits will be manufactured by the MKE in order to be used in TCDD’s vehicles that tow and are towed. Faruk Yenal, Manager of the Heavy Weapons and Steel Factory of MKE in Kırıkkale stated that the tender works are ongoing for the “Mono Block Wheels and Wheel Kits” Project that will be implemented pursuant to the protocol signed between TCDD and MKE. Stating the that the tender of the project is planned to be held next year, Yenal underlined that not only the passenger and cargo trains utilized by TCDD but also the wheels of the railed systems used by municipalities will be manufactured in Turkey within the scope of the project. Yenal specified that, for this objective, approximately 350-million Turkish Lira investment is targeted. Stating that the production is planned to be started in 2017, Yenal added that, within the scope of the project, in the new units that will be established in the Heavy Weapons and Steel Factory of MKE 9 types of wheels and 3 types of axle shaft production will be conducted.

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