Sunday, 18 March 2018
Günaydın Group strengthens its transport network with sea lines

Active in the field of road and rail transportation, Günaydın Group began to serve in the maritime transport sector with NorthWestern, the forwarder company whose majority of shares was purchased by Günaydın in May of this year. Erol Günaydın, Member of the Executive Board of Günaydın Group, said that they completed one more ring of the intermodal transport thanks to the maritime transport service.

gunaydin groupIn service since 1967, Günaydın Group is among the leading companies in the transportation sector in the Aegean Region, with experienced and expert staff, wide service network and constantly renewed fleet of vehicles. Serving for more than 3,500 firms, 1,000 of which are permanent, with its 736 self-owned 3 thousand fixed rental vehicles, and 902 employees, the company strengthens its intermodal network by new modes of transportation. Günaydın Group that started to act in the field of rail transport in 2010 began to serve in maritime transport by buying the majority shares of the forwarder company NorthWestern in May of this year.
In every field of ​​intermodal
Erol Günaydın, Member of the Executive Board of Günaydın Group, states that they have been working in the logistics sector with their experience of over 45 years and says they are continuing to strengthen their service networks through new investments and business models. Pointing out that in addition to their road services, they began to serve in the field of the rail transport in 2010, he says are the company that carried out the first railway container transport between Denizli and Izmir in October 2011.
Mentioning that beside the road and rail transport, they entered into the maritime transport sector by buying the majority shares of the forwarder company NorthWestern in May of this year, Günaydın emphasizes that they started to maintain their freight forwarding services under the title of GNW Logistics, coined from the initial letters of Günaydın and NorthWestern. He points out that GNW Logistics has established their head office in Izmir and will inaugurate Istanbul office in 2013 and Mersin office in 2014, and adds, “As Günaydın Group, our objective is to be in all the processes of the supply chain and to offer the best service quality keeping the customer satisfaction at the highest levels in the manner that befits our mission.  As the Group, we first created the business and then made the investment. As the quantity of our businesses grew, our investments on vehicles, logistics, warehouses, and similar things also started to increase. Following the same method in the maritime transportation, we will put new investments on the agenda as the amount of cargo we serve increases.”
Stating that they have completed one more ring of the intermodal transport chain by entering the maritime transport sector, Erol Günaydın says, “Now we can perform at all stages of intermodal transport and Günaydın Group is now in the land, sea, railway sectors. We transport an average of 2,000 containers from Denizli to Izmit per month. With the intermodal transport services we provide, we increase Turkey's competitiveness in the world market as we decrease costs of our exporters. Our biggest target is to spread the success we achieved in the field of intermodal transport to all the provinces with ports”.

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