Wednesday, 25 April 2018
LogiLine aim more at Intermodal Solutions

Enlarging its presence in logistics market by its sister company LogiLine Co., Logitrans serves on a great area from Baltic/Northern European countries to Mediterranean Region, even to the CIS region. The two companies has strengthened their intermodal services by own container pool in types 20'DV, 40'DV, and 40'HC, its own commercial vehicle fleet, and also by own bonded and unbonded warehouse.

logilineLogitrans, which has become a complex logistics solution partner especially demanded in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Bulgaria, and Baltic / North European countries, since its foundation in 1998 with own 155 truck and trailers (TR,KZ,RUS,BG plates) and Logitrans offers its customers road, sea, air freight services, OOG and project cargo transportation services, full and partial transportation services, bonded/unbonded warehouse facilities, import customs clearance facilities and transit procedures in Russia and Kazakhstan and continues taking strong moves in all ranges of the transport with new investments on CIS region.  
The company, which starts to provide (under NVOCC status) service with LogiLine Co. brand, especially at Mediterranean, Black Sea and European ports with service through contracted feeder operators, now proceeds to be the alternative solution partner in container transports in terms of freight and also service quality at the ports of this region for its customers with its container pool in types 20'DV, 40'DV, and 40'HC.
LogiLine Co. is launching a new service with own and line containers with directly feeder service to Sochi and Novorossiyk ports from Istanbul/Ambarli port. Besides its container shipping services, LogiLine Co. also gives warehousing service to its customers at its 20,000 sqm bounded and unbounded warehouse located to nearly 85kms to European side/Ambarli ports and 20kms to Izmit/Evyap ports in Istanbul and LogiLine Co. aims to be a demanded company especially at Mediterranean and Black Sea ports.
For reaching this target, the Company is developing itself each day by its professional staff and technological infrastructure and also the company is trying to strenghten its service quality more and making  investments for these goals.
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