Wednesday, 25 April 2018
Maersk to conquer Black Sea&Mediterranean from Turkey

Maersk that carries out its European service through Seago Line is planning an effective growth in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea with the new lines it has recently established.

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maersk_lineStating that the region covering the Black Sea and the Mediterranean is managed through Turkey, Mustafa Köksür, Black Sea Regional Director of Seago Line, said, “As Seago Line, we are aiming at being the best company in Europe in five years’ time.”
Possessing the title of the biggest ship operator in the world, Maersk Line has been providing services since mid 2011 on the European line with its new company Seago Line. Managing the region that covers North Africa, the Mediterranean, and European countries through Seago Line that has 15 different head offices, Maersk aims at a potent growth thanks to the lines it has launched within the structure of Seago Line in the Black Sea and the Mediterranean.
Stating that one of the 15 head offices of Seago Line whose headquarters are in Copenhagen is Turkey, Mustafa Köksür, Black Sea Regional Director of Seago Line, said Turkey, Romania, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Moldova are within the region under his directorship. Underlining that Turkey was chosen as a head office since it is the biggest country in the region thanks to both size and economy, Köksür said, “In the region of our responsibility, approximately 90 percent of our total businesses is connected with Turkey. Therefore, it is a right decision to chose Turkey as a head office.” Inviting attentions to the fact that, regarding the performances assessed among the head offices, Turkey appears to be the biggest of the 15 local head offices, Köksür said, “Turkey is a very important country for Seago Line. Turkey has numerous activities oriented to Europe and North Africa in terms of trade volume. In this regard, Turkey is like China within Seago Line.” Stating that their main market is Northern Europe, Köksür pointed out that the Mediterranean is a market where they target growth and that it becomes more and more important for them.

‘We’ll be the best in Europe’
Informing that, with the incorporation of Seago Line, they established new lines, Köksür said, “Maersk that is not within the Mediterranean, installed direct services from Marmara and Izmir ports to Spain and Italy in West Mediterranean with the incorporation of Seago Line. We are also putting a ‘reefer’ service from Mersin to Russia into practice. This service will conduct direct trips and will be the fastest ‘reefer’ service of the market. Our operations will start this month. The fastest service of citrus fruit in the market will be this service. We launched a second service from Mersin to the Mediterranean.  We have services effective in both the Mediterranean and the Black Sea.’ We are becoming stronger and stronger. We also have direct Black Sea services from the Marmara Ports. In addition, you'll see the wording "Seago Line" on the ship in a very little period of time.” Specifying that they became a reputed brand in a little while despite they were newly incorporated, Köksür, “We do not anticipate a rapid growth in Northern Europe due to the crisis in Europe in the short term. The Mediterranean is a bit more active market. We are planning to increase our market share by establishing more direct lines here. As Seago Line, we are aiming at being the best company in Europe in five years' time.”
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