Sunday, 18 March 2018
Mars Logistics invests 27 mln Euros in Intermodal

Providing solutions in wide range of services, primarily in road air, sea, and railway transportation, fair and event logistics, project transportation, custom clearances, insurance, and storage services, Mars Logistics strengthened its position in the international transportation arena through a strategic expansion.

mars logisticsThe company that stepped into the intermodal transportation field with an investment for 500 trailers that cost 27 million Euros total carries out province of Trieste and Luxemburg’s Bettembourg by way of trailers. Thanks to the trips, the first of which took place in September, goods arriving in Trieste, Italy, through seaway reach Luxemburg through railway.
3 mutual trips a week
Stating that the train trips that will be in the form of three return trips a week between Trieste and Bettembourg  will carry the trailers that will be taken from various parts of Turkey, Ali Tulgar, vice General Manager of Mars Logistics, says, “The trailers will continue on trains subsequent to their arrival in  Trieste by way of ships from Istanbul, Izmir ve Mersin Ports and after crossing Bettembourg Multimodal terminal, they will reach their destinations in various places in Luxemburg, Belgium, Netherlands, England, France and Germany."  
Tulgar invites attention that with this new intermodal network they commenced with the motto of “optimum time, maximum environmentalism,” they are planning to carry 10 thousand trailers in the first year by working in connection with Istanbul, Izmir, and Mersin Ports.
Thanks to this new service of Mars Logistics in the international transportation arena, annually at least 13 billion grams of carbon dioxide emission will be prevented. From the departure point of this nature friendly trip the company presents to its customers to the final destinations, each trailer will travel more than 2,500 kilometres.
Underlining that with this new route, they have realized 75 percent reduction in terms of carbon emissions compared to the land solutions, Ali Tulgar also stated that they were able to ensure their company reached its sustainable development targets.
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