Wednesday, 25 April 2018
‘Oscar winning’ project transportation by HAREKET!

Having become one of the first addresses in terms of project logistics, thanks to its quarter-century expertise, potential of providing 6 different WPPs (Wind Power Plant) with solutions simultaneously, and professional staff, Hareket Heavy Lifting&Project Transportation Co. has crowned its achievements in this field with “ESTA Award of Excellence” that is considered to be the Oscar of the sector in this field.

hareket nakliyat“The prize we received shows the point we have arrived at within the sector,” says Engin Kuzucu, General Manager of Hareket, and adds that they will protect their leadership position by getting 50% share of the Turkish wind energy sector that is expected to grow 6 times in the coming 7 years.
Having provided services since 1957 in the fields of, primarily project transportation, and then heavy and non-standard cargo transportation, crane rental, heavy lifting, unloading, and placement, Hareket becomes solution partner for the WPP investors regarding the subjects of transport, mounting with crane, and electrical - mechanical mounting. The company that is active, besides Turkey, in the countries such as Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, and Iraq demonstrates its expertise in the project logistics sector with the accolades it has received and its expanding customer portfolio.
Pointing out that they are the leader of the market in the field of project transportation in Turkey, Engin Kuzucu, General Manager of Hareket, remarks that they have proven this with the award they received. Stating that Hareket was deemed worthy of the Award of Excellence this year, Kuzucu says, “The award we have received with the project of carrying the total 4 pieces of 566 tons of amine absorbers and 4 pieces of 136 tons of amine regenerators in a single convoy for 1,250 km in Turkmenistan for Hyundai Engineering demonstrated the point we have arrived at within the sector.”

Provides 6 different WPPs with services simultaneously

Stating that they provide turnkey solutions in the project transportation sector, Engin Kuzucu says, “We receive all the components of the wind energy turbines on the ships coming alongside the ports or in their places of manufacture, realize their disembarkation from the ships, and finally, carry them to the project sites using special carriage trailers. We locate the parts stored there into their places with the contracting crawler cranes, tailor-made for the subsequent mountings of wind turbines, and we deliver the tribunes through our special mounting team by making their mechanical and electrical connections to our customers, ready for commissioning.”
“We are able to provide 6 different WPP projects with transport, crane and mounting services,” says Kuzucu and underlines that they provide approximately half of the wind energy investments made in Turkey with transport or mounting service. Stressing that the leading firms of the world in producing tribunes, like Nordex and Gamesa, are within their customer portfolio, he says, “By now, the wind energy investments where we provide transport and mounting service have become 774 MW. This will be 947 MW with the projects carried out. The most important subject for us is the satisfaction of the customers in all aspects and completion of our works in the shortest possible time safely is our prime objective.”
To carry 4,600 tons of cargo at once!
Kuzucu says that, as the company, they plan their investments by anticipating the increase in the WPP projects. Reminding that the WPP investments in Turkey are envisaged to reach 15 thousand MW in 2020, Kuzucu continues, “Our investments on the trailers that were made to be suitable for the transports of wind energy turbine components and that can be extended up to 45 meters as well as the contracting crawler cranes that were made to be suitable for walking between the tribunes on the turbine sites were completed. By breaking a new ground in our sector, we ordered Turkey’s first self-driven 52-axle modular trailer. These vehicles that can carry big-scale cargo without a towing truck thanks to their self-driven axles and that have very high capability of manoeuvre are much better compared to the conventional hydraulic trailers, and they have many manoeuvre modes. Total transport capacity  of these trailers consisting of 6 pieces of 6- axle THP/SL-E and 4 pieces of 4-axle THP/SL-E is 2,600 tons and they have 50 tons of loading limit per axle. If the licenses granted to the wind projects increase, our investments will continue. While the wind energy plants heretofore completed reach approximately 2 thousand MW, target was set to have it reach 5 thousand MW by the end of 2015 and to 15 thousand MW in 2020. In this framework, several wind plants as many as what commissioned so far will be commissioned in the coming two years; that's to say, new plants that are 6 times more in number will be completed in the seven years ahead. Our goal is to protect or market share that is about 50%. We have made the required investments in this regard as well. In the event that projects that exceed our capacity are delivered, we will realize all the required investments without delay.”

Right choice diminishes problems
Inviting attentions to the difficulties of project logistics sector, Engin Kuzucu says, “All the parts of the wind energy plants turbines are big... While the turbine wings exceed 45 meters, weight of the tower parts and nacelles becomes more than 80 tons. For carrying these parts, use of special extendable trailers and taking of special safety precautions are required. Preference of the experienced firms that use the trailers suitable for the transport of these components is the solution that will minimise problems.”

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