Sunday, 18 March 2018
Reibel supports all modes in transit transportation

The most important  mission of Reibel Transportation, which has been successfully  maintaining its services as the  “Cargo General Sales Agent” of more than 20 airlines in Türkiye and as charter broker company,along with international air-road-sea and combined transportation  with “Your Partner in Türkiye” motto for 11 years, is striving to make Türkiye one of the leading transit points of the world.

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reibel_arif badurWhile our country is maintaining to be the transportation bridge between East and West with transportation variety and investments made on the commerce roads, it is becoming an important center of this region and growing it’s own economy. Along with this, you can access to the entire world rapidly and economically from Istanbul via road, air, sea and rail transportation,"says Arif Badur and emphasizes that as Reibel, they want to pave the way for transit transportation in all modes.
Badur, who points out that transportation services can be provided to neighboring countries and trade centers safely and with various transportation modes from Türkiye, also states the following:
“We offer facilitating, cost saving and value added services for transit custom clearance based on trust and smooth handling of transit shipments arriving by air, road, sea to be relocated to different domestic and international ports.We offer opportunities of  transiting cargoes in 3-4 days arrived by air to be forwarded to different port cities on Black Sea coast, in 1-2 days to Southeast region of Europe, and 3-5 days by road to continental Europe and United Kingdom, with specially contracted warehouse services and economic handling of the cargoes.
A good opportunity in customs in the new period!
Arif Badur, who has stated that Türkiye is the biggest user of the pre- declaration system ıntroduced by World Customs Organization, has also stated the following: "The more we reduce the illegal trade in international trade, the faster we enter into the electronic system.”
Badur also stated that Türkiye has the capacity to offer air services to all countries, through land and railroad transportation between Continental Europe and Eurasia, and through sea transportation to the countries neighboring the Black Sea, Mediterranean and Caspian Sea, and if Türkiye supports this service with newly established logistics centers and with good pricing, it will acquire an exclusive position in its region.
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