Sunday, 18 March 2018
Ropax solution for Syrian obstacle against export to Middle-East

Regular Ropax excursions have started from LimakPort Iskenderun Port, of which the operational right has been taken over by Limak for 36 years.

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limakportRopax excursions, which have started on August 22nd 2012 from LimakPort Iskenderun Port, will be made with 2 ships initially. The ships named Olympus and Aqua Hercules, which are able to carry both trucks and passengers, have 185 trucks and 320-passenger capacity and also have 62 refrigerated (Thermo King) vehicle capacity. The first Ropak, which has set sail from LimakPort Iskenderun Port, is aimed to go through Suez Canal and reach Saudi Arabia. 3 round-trip services will be made in a week in Ropax excursions. Aqua Hercules will navigate between LimakPort Iskenderun Port and Port Said (Egypt) and Olympus will navigate between Port Adabiya (Suez – Egypt) and Dhiba Port (Saudi Arabia). LimakPort General Manager Oğuz Tümiş has stated that they offer a safe alternative for the exporters, who have to go through Syria by land transportation, who want to continue their business and who get into a bind due to the problems in border gates.
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