Wednesday, 25 April 2018
Tailor Made Project Logistics Solutions from 2K

2K Shipping and Trading was established as a private company in 1991 in Istanbul, Turkey. Since 2000, 2K has deployed its business activities specializing in liner services to Caspian, and provides entire spectrum of freight shipments in this region.

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2kdenizcilikToday, throughout 8 months a year (April - November) 2K operates about 2 vessels each week between the ports of Marmara and Caspian Ports (Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Dagestan, Kazakhstan) providing regular shipments for the customers.
Since qualitative and prompt delivery of cargoes are not always possible with the use of single type of the transport, 2K renders creative multimodal shipment services ensuring the best use of time and cost factor to maximize client's competitive power. Combined shipments offer quite speedy cargo delivery, competitive prices, cargo safety and possibility to arrange the delivery under one transport document.
All the Company’s shipments to Caspian Sea are realized through the Volgo-Don Canal in summer period; and by the closing of Volgo-Don Canal in November, through the combination of Poti or Batumi ports of Georgia by Sea and Rail transportation to Baku port, where the cargo to be transported to Caspian ports is loaded on the Company’s vessels. In such a way the cargo is delivered to its point of arrival even when the Volgo-Don Canal is closed, avoiding dead season for the Company’s customers.
2K’s experience in sea, rail, and road transport coupled with the Company’s global service network enable 2K to provide custom solutions to meet the customers’ deadlines and budget and to undertake complex logistical challenges of all sizes.
Being among the leading chartering and forwarding companies, with the vast experience in project logistics, 2K mainly serves to customers involved in the construction and industrial projects. 2K earned the trust of some of the largest and most respected companies and has developed a continually expanding client and supplier list with projects running throughout the world on an ongoing basis.
The Company’s specialists provide the customers outline load planning, route assessment, budget costs, etc. when bidding for a new business; ensure rapid solutions in sourcing the most suitable vessel for the cargo, and enable the clients to charter vessels in full confidence. About the project logistics, 2K has a motto, “Whatever the scale of the customer’s project, 2K develops the tailor made solution”.
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