Wednesday, 25 April 2018
The eyes of the Dutch logisticians are on Turkey

Turkish President Abdullah Gül visited the Netherlands together with 150 businessmen.

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turgut erkeskinHaving taken part in the trip in representation of the Turkish transportation and logistics sector, Turgut Erkeskin, President of UTIKAD (Association of International Forwarding and Logistics Service Providers in Turkey), made an assessment subsequent to the visit and gave the signals that new investments will be made between the two countries regarding the logistics sector. In the visit paid within the framework of the 400th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Turkey and the Netherlands, Turgut Erkeskin exchanged views with the logistics sector and representatives in the Netherlands, Europe’s biggest hub centre, and said that they are positioning Turkey as Europe’s new logistics hub centre and they are looking for opportunities for the logistics investments in Turkey. Underlining that the logistics companies that selected Turkey as their logistics base in their expansion along the Middle East and the Caucasians are preparing for making serious investments, Turgut Erkeskin says, “These days, there are very serious demands for cooperation and investment from the Dutch firms to UTIKAD. We are expecting a serious increase in the investments for our sector on the forthcoming days.”

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