Wednesday, 25 April 2018
The global power of GTT to be the leverage of its growth

GTT Logistics, offers expert solutions in every step of the supply chain with its center office in Istanbul, widespread office network and more than 100 experienced personnel.

gtt_plazaGTT Logistics Chairman H. Utku Çetiner, who has stated that they can access in four corners of the world as the 'golden' member of WCA, one of the most reputable and effective agency networks of the world, has stated that they aim to become the strongest service provider of the significant sectors of foreign trade, such as food, mining and domestic appliances, in the growing market.
GTT Logistics, which has been established in Dubai in 2003 under GTT Group, has started to offer forwarding service with more than 100 experienced personnel by including its offices in Istanbul and Mersin in 2005, and in Bursa-Gemlik and Izmir in 2010 into its system. GTT, which is currently conducts storage, distribution and home delivery services with its own storage facilities in 16,500 sqm of area and its vehicle fleet in the Free Zone in Dubai, holds the key to the African continent for the customers with its Liaison Office in Djibouti. GTT Logistics Chairman H. Utku Çetiner, who has stated that one of their strongest trumps in foreign markets is their WCA – (World Cargo Alliance) Family of Logistics Network membership, has stated that they offer container, air, land transportation, intermodal and storage services with sustainable and integrated service insight.
Çetiner, who has pointed out that they are one of the few logistics companies in Turkey that has a balanced portfolio in terms of the sectors and markets that they carry out business, has stated that they follow this strategy in order to offer cost effective and high quality service to their customers. Çetiner has stated that even though they can offer solutions in four corners of the world, they make most of the transportation to Far East, Africa, Middle East and Gulf countries and has stated that the share of the region, in which they are the most powerful company, does not exceed 20%.

Active in the US since establishment
Utku Çetiner, who has stated that GTT Logistics have been gaining momentum in the US market since its establishment, has mentioned that they offer service in the standards expected by their partners with their corporate structure and qualified personnel. Çetiner has stated that they have gained a stable momentum in the US market but they predicate upon planned growth rather than quantitative increase and has said, "Even though it has partially lost its appeal, the US market is still an important market that has a great potential. We make equal amounts of transportation to Northern, Middle and Southern regions of the Continent. The Americas constitute at least 15% of our portfolio. We aim to increase our service day-by-day."

To extend office network and maximize fleet
Çetiner has informed us on the new projects and investments in their agenda and stated that in parallel with the increasing importance of Turkey in international conjuncture, they will expand both their global and local office networks. Çetiner has pointed out that in addition to their existing domestic offices, they want to be present in Antalya and Iskenderun ports, which reinforce their positions in world trade, as GTT. "Depending upon the volume increase in these ports, we think that we should have a staff in the port in order to provide regular service. We aim to open our own office in these ports in 2013," said Çetiner and has stated that they have investment plans in three points in medium term in the Far East and Africa as Eastern, Western and Northern. Çetiner has emphasized that they aim to be positioned in the Americas as GTT in the long term, and has stated that they may sign international partnerships. Çetiner, who has stated that they plan to increase the number of vehicles in their fleet from 16 to 40 by the end of 2013, has also stated that they want to paint a stable growth table in terms of volume and turnover. Çetiner has stated that they will end 2012 with approximately 42,000 TEU transportation and they are preparing to reach capacities over 50,000 for the next year.

A head start in food logistics
Food sector is one of the main fields of GTT, which has a wide range of services offered. Utku Çetiner, who has pointed out that they are also experienced as exporters in food sector, which is one of the expertise fields of the Group, has stated that they have a head start against their competitors in food logistics.
Çetiner has emphasized that they are one of the most preferred forwarders for the entire range of food, and he has listed the other sectors that they focus on as iron-steel and marble and mining. Çetiner has stated that they offer service to 65 out of 100 exporters in Turkey in iron-steel industry and has stated that they have investment plans for offering effective solutions in storage processes in marble-mining sector. Çetiner, who has pointed out that they are the only logistics company that conducts transportation operations of LG in Turkey, has stated that this situation provides advantage to them in domestic appliances sector.
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