Sunday, 18 March 2018
The number of airports in Turkey will exceed 70

Orhan Birdal, Board Chairman of State Airports Administration (DHMI), has stated that Turkey is among the most rapidly growing countries in aviation.

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orhan_birdalBirdal, who has said, "A new trail has been blazed in the last 10 years in aviation. The capacity of passenger terminals was 49 million in 2003, now it is 200 million", and he also stated that it is aimed to have an airport in each 100 kilometers in year 2023, which is the 100th year of the Republic. Birdal, who has emphasized that the number of airports will exceed 70 in 2023, has also stated that intermodal transportation system will be implemented especially in passenger transportation in a short time. Birdal, who has stated that Atatürk Airport is very intense, has also said that 1/3 of the air traffic of Turkey is performed through this airport. Birdal, who has stated that there are up to 1,123 aircrafts passing through this airport, and he also said, "In every 70 seconds, an aircraft takes off. This record can be beaten or continued. If we allow every single aircraft that requests permission to land in Atatürk Airport, this number would go up to 1,500." Orhan Birdal, who has stated that there are 46 airports in Turkey, also stated that 43 of them are operated by DHMI and 3 of them are operated by private companies.
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