Thursday, 24 May 2018
Ulustrans Reinforces the 'Defense Line'

Ulustrans takes the pulse of the defense industry with successful operations in Turkey-USA line.

olgun_hacialiogluThe company, which is spread over 60 countries and which has undertaken the mission of Turkish representation of SEKO, a network, especially powerful in the USA, shoulders all kinds of loads for defense industry, especially aircraft engines, with its boutique solutions.
One of the strong logistics companies of Turkey, Ulustrans focuses on providing quality-oriented service, rather than quantity oriented, in the US market with its strong service in air, sea and project transportation. The company, which has undertaken the mission of Turkish representation of SEKO, one of the leading networks of the world, in order to reinforce its position in the US for the past 5 years, is among the successful logistics solution partners of especially defense industry.
Olgun Hacıalioğlu, General Manager and Board Member of Ulustrans, who has stated that they mainly perform container transportation in Turkey-USA line, has also stated that they have undertaken the logistics services of long-term and large-scale projects in Turkey-USA line and the defense industry takes the lion's share in business volumes. Hacıalioğlu, who has stated that they aim to specialize on the transportation of aircraft engines with their experiences and strong investments in project transportation, "In recent years, we were mainly performing the transportation of the equipment used in defense industry. We took action in order to provide more comprehensive solutions especially in maritime transportation and we have been reaping the fruits of our works for a year. These operations require 'just in time' and do not accept any faults. Along with our strong references, our agency, SEKO, plays a major part in our success in significant projects with its widespread network especially in the USA. We manage all logistic processes of many US-based projects in Turkey."

The key is strong agency & expert staff
While Hacıalioğlu has emphasized that even though Far East and Africa has become prominent lately in foreign trade operations of Turkey, the USA is the rising star of Ulustrans, and has stated that they have a significant business volume in textile and electronic equipment besides defense industry. Hacıalioğlu, who has stated that the biggest obstacle that pressures the logistic processes in the USA line is the security procedures that have boosted after 9/11, also stated the following: "Rather than investing in the US market, we think that working with the agencies that are well-informed about the legislation facilitates the processes. Because working with experienced personnel suitable for the destination is advantageous for you, as well. Considering the weight of our project transportations, we will continue to increase our maritime lines preferability.

‘We will grow deliberately’
Olgun Hacıalioğlu, who has evaluated the first half of 2012 in terms of Ulustrans, has stated that they have marked down a significant increase in operational dynamism of retail sector. Hacıalioğlu, who has stated that they are working on many different aspects, such as, inventory management, planning, determining the distribution points and productivity measurements, has stated that they are creating KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that can manage the inventory better. Hacıalioğlu, who has pointed out that with the influence of the dynamism in e-commerce, they have opened a facility in Beylikdüzü, where they will offer service for retail sector, has stated that they will deliberately and considerably grow in the remaining period of this year.
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