Sunday, 18 March 2018
Ulustrans will increase its energy from three sides

Ulustrans that created difference in the project logistics services thanks to the ‘Ulusproje’ structuring does not press the brake in terms of growth in energy sector where it realizes the 50 percent of the transports.

ulustrans projectThe achievements of the company that shoulders the burden of the renewable energy investments, primarily wind, hydraulic, and geothermal energy overflows the borders of Turkey. The new destination of Ulustrans that has carried its experiences to many markets thanks to its result-oriented solutions and strong network will be the Middle East and Turkic Republics.
Inviting attentions to the fact that especially restructured Iraq commenced a long run investment process in terms of energy, Olgun Hacıalioğlu, General Manager and Member of the Executive Board of Ulustrans, explains that they started to search for new cooperation engagements in parallel with the recent increase in the business volumes oriented to the market. Stating that in addition to Iraq, they started to scrutinize Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan closely, Hacıalioğlu evaluates as follows: “We are determined to get the lion's share from these markets. We will grow through potent business partnerships. In the markets where we will bring our experiences of many years, our references and our Mersin Office we established this year will be our biggest trumps.”

Focusing on the petrol sector
Stating that Ulustrans provides services intensely to the companies that have started investments specifically in these three regions, Hacıalioğlu mentions that they are in close contact with the American companies related with their business partners. Olgun Hacıalioğlu, pointing out the fact that the petrol investments constitute the majority of the investments within the region, says, “We are quite hopeful for these regions specifically in terms of petrol sector. Presently, we are conducting the logistics services of the equipment used in oil researches, primarily the seismic devices. Moreover, especially Iraq is a reliable market, contrary to what is expected, for both the investors and logistics companies.”

Renewable energy awaiting, logistics affected
Stating that while focusing on the oil sector, they continued to be solution partner of the renewable energy investments as well, Olgun Hacıalioğlu continues, “We take part in numerous ongoing projects. We are now concentrated on our investments in the Aegean Region and there are projects that we will realize in the yearend in the Thrace Region. Majority of them are the projects oriented to the capacity increase in the current plants. Multiple numbers of the projects that will be implemented from scratch are pending due to the extension of the licensing processes. 20% of our renewable energy investments which were in our work schedule of this year have been postponed to 2013 due to such vagueness. In addition to the blockages in the bureaucratic processes, high financing shrinks the movement area of the investors as well.”
Stating that they had taken stance by the side of the customers in the entire process, Hacıalioğlu says, “The locations where we conduct transport services in the wind energy field are the regions that are difficult to reach because of topography. We overcome these difficulties with the special solutions we develop for each project. We conduct road reconnaissance activities prior to the project transport, we calculate the sturdiness of the road and the vehicle revolving diameters, we receive the required consents from the settlements on the route of our transport, and we check the bridge, electricity, and cable baselines. Taking the difficulties that might be encountered into consideration, we provide regular trainings to our entire team, especially to our drivers. The only objective we have in our investments we have made and the special solutions we have developed is to provide our customers with services in a timely manner and without damages. We have had positive feedback in this regard in all the projects we have implemented so far.”

Shipments peaked in 2012
Underlining that in project transportation where they have been providing services for the last 7 years  2012 was ‘golden year’ for the companies, Olgun Hacıalioğlu, General Manager and Member of the Executive Board of Ulustrans, states that the big-scale projects they participate in provided significant contributions to their branding. “Thanks to our good references, we have been the company that is even recommended by its competitors. While other transport companies are sharing the projects they have undertaken with us, we become the first address for the inquiries of the investors in this field as well” says Hacıalioğlu and underlines that in such achievement they have realized, their experienced teams play a very important role, in addition to their turnkey services. Hacıalioğlu says, “Especially the firms that are able to utilize all the transport modes in the best possible manner and that have the expert employees in project logistics.”
Olgun Hacıalioğlu expresses that in the near future, investments will increase seriously in parallel with the increase in the energy consumption. Pointing out that the investments will not be limited only with wind energy, Hacıalioğlu says, “New geothermal plants, thermal plants, and electric plants will be established. The state wants to transfer the energy investments to the private sector. Maintenance and renewal of the current plants will be carried out by the private sector in the future. Investments are made for both the innovation of what is currently available and fulfilment of the energy demand. Accordingly, I believe that the next 5 to 10 years will create serious opportunities for the logistics companies.”
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