Wednesday, 25 April 2018
Cenk Group to make Derince the regional base for automotive logistics

Cenk Group, which operates two Ro-Ro lines between Turkey and Ukraine, wants to make Derince ‘ the Hub Port’ of the automotive logistics.

yuyuf_attila_yenerChairman of Cenk Group Yusuf Attila Yener has stated that the preferability of Derince in vehicle storage and distribution to other countries in the region has increase with the impact of economical and political problems especially in Syria and Greece. He has also stated that they make significant contributions to this aim with their investments in this port.
Cenk Group, which has been growing with the new investments in Ro-Ro transportation that it has been offering in the Black Sea since 1993, extends its customer portfolio each day with its timely, high quality and cost effective services. Cenk Group, which has offered port handling and logistics services for more than 1 million vehicles until today, has taken another important step to make Derince – Ilychevsk route, where Cenk Group offers service with Turkey's first Car-Carrier ship, one of most important automotive transportation lines of the world. Chairman of Cenk Group Yusuf Attila Yener points out that Derince is a port, which can meet the vehicle storage and distribution needs, and adds, "The lines that operate between Far East and Europe for automotive logistics bring significant amount of vehicles with large ships in the hinterland that contains Eastern Mediterranean, Aegean and the Black Sea. Since they do not want to travel with these ships in this region both for time and cost, they store all vehicles in one single port and carry these loads to the final destinations with feeder services. Considering the geographical advantage of Turkey, Derince Port is perfectly suited in this sense."
Yener, who has stated that the ultimate competitors of Derince Port are Pire for Aegean Region and Tartous Port for Eastern Mediterranean Region, has also stated that the ongoing economical and political crisis in these countries create significant opportunities. Yener has emphasized that they provide service in international standards from Derince Port, of which preferability keeps increasing each day with its physical conditions and well-equipped personnel.

Ro-Ro traffic between Turkey and Ukraine

Can you inform us about the lines that Cenk Group offers service, about its infrastructure and its fleet?
Today, Cenk Group operates two Ro-Ro lines between Turkey and Ukraine. We offer service with 2 or 3 Ro-Ro/Passenger (ropax) type ships according to the load density in our line between Zonguldak and Yevpatoria, Ukraine. The companies that make transportation between Turkey, Ukraine, Russia and Turkic Republics create our customer portfolio.
We have another line between Derince and Ilychevsk Port, Ukraine. We load approximately in every other 5 or 6 days from Derince with our Car-Carrier ship named Cenk Car. Along with these, according to the load density, we have the opportunity to position one of our Ro-Ro ships from Zonguldak line in this line and increase the capacity.

What are the sectors that you mostly offer service?
In our Derince-Ilychevsk line, we carry both the export loads of the automotive manufacturers in Turkey and transit loads of the international automotive manufacturers. In our Zonguldak Ro-Ro line, we directly offer service for shipping sector. Accordingly, all sectors that participate in trade between Turkey, Ukraine, Russia and Turkic Republics are the sectors that we offer indirect service.

Door-to-door service in automotive line

What kind of advantages do you offer for your customers?  
We offer door-to-door service in our automotive line that we offer service between Derince and Ilychevsk ports. By means of our widespread international network, we can carry the export products manufactured in Turkey, or the transit loads from other countries to the final destination point in Russia, especially in Moscow, Turkic Republics and/or Eastern Europe. We can carry the products to the final destination point of the receiver through our local suppliers after we perform the sea transportation between Derince and Ilychevsk ports and perform the land transportation from the delivery point of the product to Derince Port.
We can include all costs in this service, such as domestic/international land transportations, sea transportation, customs clearance and storage/handling in transit points. By means of our 27,000 sqm of storage area in Derince Port and our stevedore and survey teams, we can reflect all international logistics process and quality management processes to our services.

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