Wednesday, 25 April 2018
DAMLA Moves Both Toward The East and The West

Having reached at the heart of Europe, thanks to its office it inaugurated in Budapest, Damla International Shipping is now strengthening its position in the Far East through the service network situated in China.

korkut doganStating that they wish to grow equally in the east and the west, M. Korkut Doğan, owner of Damla International Shipping, says that they have been targeting to increase the volumes of the transportations they conduct to this region from 19% to 40%.
Since its incorporation in 2007, having been acting through the slogan “Your right and reliable business partner”, Damla International Shipping provides numerous companies with services thanks to its wide-ranged transportation solutions and the strong network of agencies.
Underlining that they extend toward the world from the heart of Europe, thanks to the office they have inaugurated in Budapest, M. Korkut Doğan, owner of Damla International Shipping, says that in their firm that was incorporated in 2007 for providing land transportation service between Europe and Turkey, their transportation routes are shaped by the direction and recommendations of their clients. Doğan states that within this scope, they attached weight to the works to meet the demands that will come from the Far East ports during the recent years.

2012’s Objective: 40% Growth
Pointing out that they added Far East to the destinations where they provide services in parallel with the movement of import and export toward Asia as a result of the economical developments in the world, Korkut Doğan says, “The economical crisis encountered in Europe has changed the direction of commerce. When the direction of trade turned toward the Far East commodities with lesser costs, our firm kept up with this change as well. We included the Far East market into our marketing strategy.”  
Specifying that they have commenced the services that focus on the Far East by land shipments Doğan highlights the following: “In line with the demands from our customers, we added the sea transports to our range of services for this region. As a result of our growing work volume, we expanded our service network through our independent seaway department within our agencies in China and in our company. In our customer portfolio, we are still continuing to provide services between China and Turkey. Our works on agency representation are ongoing in order to meet the demands from the other Far East ports.”
Mentioning that the share of the Far East region in their overall domestic volumes in 2011 was 19 percent, Doğan says that their objective for this year is to increase it by 40 percent.

Activity in Multiple Regions Instead of One Region
Korkut Doğan underlines that they are providing transport services in the lines of Europe; like Greece, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, England and Italy on tarped trucks for multiple sectors like textiles, textile machineries, toys, chemical substances, machinery, construction materials, packaging for drinks, and raw material. He says, “The economical conditions developed in the last 5 years obliged commerce and accordingly the transportation sector to carry out services in multiple regions instead of a single one. We are thinking that the ongoing economical crisis in Europe will tend to recover after a while. As the firm, we are aiming at growing both in the East and in the West equally by distributing the risks.”

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