Wednesday, 25 April 2018
Gulf Countries will spend 16 million dollars for railroads

It has been stated that the railroad project, which will connect six Gulf countries, will cost 16 million dollars.

rail_gulfIt has been predicted to spend 4.5 billion dollars for the line that will connect Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, and 11.5 billion dollars for the line between Saudi Arabia and other four Gulf countries. It is planned to complete the feasibility works that will be carried out within the scope of this project at the first quarter of this year. Gulf countries, which control 40% of world's petroleum reserves, are still at the head of detailed design preparations. Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates have constructed 200 km of railway lines up to now. The railway lines, which will connect the Gulf countries, are expected to strengthen the common market and trade volume considerably. Connecting this railroad with Europe via Turkey in the upcoming years is still on the agenda.

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