Wednesday, 25 April 2018
2013 may go bad for the ship owners

According to the experts, cargo will increase in sea traffic in 2013 but this will not be enough to put a smile on the faces of the ship owners.

ship_owner_dvbbankAccording to the estimation of DVB Bank, which created impression through its researches it has conducted regarding the maritime market, the amount of the sea bulk dry cargo will continue to increase in the future years as well. The experts who expect growth of 7.2% in this field in 2013 have the opinion that India and China will play a significant part in this increase. Additionally, according to the IMF’s estimations, the world commerce will grow by 4.5 this year. However, according to the analysts, this growth is not sufficient for the benefit of the entire sea trade fleet; in this case, multiple numbers of maritime companies will continue losing money. While it was stated that in the inability of making profits by the ship owners, excess supply of the ships and the increase in the fuel prices will be effective, researches show that the speed average of the maritime trade fleet consisting of 86 thousand 500 ships, which was 6.48 knots in 2011, was at the level of 5.94 knots last year.
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