Wednesday, 25 April 2018
Air cargo bridge to Turkic Republics by Dogruer Logistics

Dogruer Logistics, which also offers air cargo transportation services to its large and multi-national customer portfolio, offers direct transportation service to its customers from all around the world to Istanbul and Turkic Republics. The company, which works with strong local partners on their lines, expects a significant increase in load traffic in 2013.

cuneyt_dogruer_logisticsDogruer Logistics, which brings its reliable, honest and systematic business principle to its air cargo operations just like its entire service range, extends its customer range that it gets from its experience and local partners. Cüneyt Dogruer, General Manager of Dogruer Logistics, has stated that they focus on three main sectors as construction, food and textile in air cargo, and they aim to advance in IATA ranking.

Can you inform us about the services that Dogruer offers in air cargo transportation and about its position in IATA list? What is the importance and share of air cargo transportation within your operational dynamism?
As Dogruer Logistics we provide air freight services from all over the world to Istanbul and to Turkic Republics for our customers. Import consignments form a larger proportion in our overall volume of air freight shipments and direct shipments to Turkic Republics are a considerable volume in our imports. 40% of our turnover comes from our air freight department and although we are not yet at our targeted position in the IATA list, with our growing volumes we aim to reach a higher spot in the coming years.

Can you inform us about your agency network and collaborations by talking about your destinations that you focus on air cargo transportation?
We can mention Los Angeles and Chicago in the USA, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Cologne and Berlin in Germany, Helsinki/Finland, Zurich/Switzerland, Prag/Czech Republic, Toronto/Canada, Milan and Rome in Italy, Paris/France, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzen in China, Mumbai/India, Copenhagen/Denmark and Jakarta/Indonesia as our most frequented destinations. We take care to work with strong local partners in the destinations that we serve to and from.

Do you have sector-specific or region-specific solutions?
Among the fields of activities that our customers are involved in, we can mention construction and contracting, retail, food and fast consumables as a majority. With our experienced staff and well established network of partners we are able to handle all  types of merchandise with expertiseand skill, given the circumstance that it is allowed into the port of destination.

How was your performance in the previous year regarding air cargo transportation? What was the position of transit cargo transportation within your traffic?
The year 2012 did not exceed expectations due to the cautious effect that the market situaton had on our cutomers however we believe that with the new projects that are to be put to life and our growing customer base will bring higher volumes in 2013. Also transit cargo shipments hold a considerable place in the logistics market. Among the destinations that we work from, in cases where due to the nature of the cargo a direct flight is not an option, our transit solutions via Istanbul are a life saver. In this perspective, we arrange most of our charter organisations via Istanbul under the most efficient circumstances.

What kind of steps do you think Turkey should take in order to become stronger in air cargo transportation?
In Turkey a mojority of air freight shipments arrive in Istanbul and this situation in certain periods leads to inefficiencies in Istanbul airports due to excessive volumes and delays in operations. In this perspective, we believe that the airports in Istanbul should be more productive in a logistic manner. The imbalance in capacity among the Istanbul airports should be dealt with. We believe the planning of a new airport should have a positive impact on this issue. In the recent months, problems and delays have been faced in the dischage of cargo and delivery to bonded warehouses on Turkish and other airlines. Obtaining the customs declarations in 24 hours on European flights that only take 3 to 4 hours is having a negative effect on the time advantage of air freight shipments. The reasons why airlines prefer Ataturk Airport for their cargo flights and the underlying circumstances should be scrutinised. Otherwise a third airport will not provide a solution to congestion.
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