Wednesday, 25 April 2018
CEVA’s Vietnam expansion

CEVA Logistics has undersigned a new business partnership with Vietnamese Into Trans Logistics (ITL) Group.

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ceva_vietnamEstablished in 1999 and growing since the day of its establishment in Vietnam taking place among the best 500 private companies of the last 5 years, the ITL Group is presently the leader of the Vietnam and Indochina market in the fields of shipment and transportation. CEVA’s domination on global network and supply chain and ITL’s domestic market domination and infrastructure possibilities have combined and provide the customers with earnings with savings. Nelson Chow,  President of Vietnam CEVA, said, “With the complete establishment  of the operational formation in Vietnam, CEVA’s seized the opportunity for realizing its long-term anticipations regarding the continuation of its strong existence and fulfilment of the needs  of the customers for the service possibilities in Vietnam and Indochina.”
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