Wednesday, 25 April 2018
Cold chain of Turkish Cargo will fly!

While maintaining its new investments, Turkey's global actor in air cargo, Turkish Cargo, increases its market share in offline transportations along with direct flight points. Turkish Cargo, which has achieved over 100% growth in special cargo transportation field in 2012 by reaching 30 thousand tons of transportation, will start cold chain transportation by activating its new facility of 10 thousand sqm within a couple of months.

turkish cargoTurkish Cargo, which has been taking firm steps towards the higher ranks within global air cargo market, has made a good start to the new year with its 464 thousand tons of transportation and 22.4% of growth in 2012. The company, which has increased its cargo capacity with the new aircraft in its fleet, has increased the number of its destination points from 31 points in 2012 to 39 points and has increased cargo service number of January 2013 up to 58. Engin Mücahit Özvar, Promotion and Advertisement Manager of Turkish Cargo, who has stated that point-based cargo service frequency has increased by 16 frequencies comparing to 2012, "It has been aimed to increase product range and cargo capacity with new services/frequency increases and cargo aircraft (A310F-A330F) type increases. We hope that these improvements will make a major time and cost contributions to us and to our customers." Engin Özvar has shared the secret of the rapid growth of Turkish Cargo and their agenda with UTA Lojistik Magazine.

Turkish Cargo has expanded its service range with services such as intermodal solutions, land transportation network, special cargo transportation in the last decade. What is the reflection of these portfolios to the company’s transportation volumes?
In 2012, we have reached around 30 thousand tons of volume in special cargoes and achieved a growth over 100% comparing to the previous year. Along with live fish and bird transportations that we specialize in livestock category, we have increased our service range that we offer to our customers by transporting lions, rhinos, sharks and cheetahs this year. We have achieved a significant increase in transportation of valuables with our money and gold transportation service that we perform with our special and reliable equipment. We have achieved over 100% of growth in transportation of hazardous, fragile and ambulatory goods. We aim to achieve a significant growth in our expansion in special cargo by increasing the share of our special cargo service within general transportation services from 8% to 11% in 2013.

Does Turkish Cargo have any new service ranges or new investments planned for 2013?
We will build a new facility with 10 thousand sqm of area in 2013. In this facility, which will be completed within a couple of months, we will be expanding our warehouse area 50% with the new acclimatized area, where we can keep our heat sensitive cargo products.  With our new facility, we will start offering cold chain transportation. Our negotiations with a couple of firms for procurement of containers still continue; we will be offering high quality service to our customers in cold chain transportation as soon as possible. With our new livestock room and enlarged valuable cargo room, we will be increasing our capacity in this field, as well.
In addition, we are working on classification of special cargo products. Each transportation will have its own name and brand; each brand will be developed by opening themselves a new area. We aim to increase our special cargo volume by providing better service to our customers with our growing fleet and expanding network.

What is the share of transit loads in Turkish Cargo’s load traffic? Which markets will the company be focusing on to increase transit load traffic?
Approximately 60% of our total cargoes are transit cargoes; the new lines that have been opened in 2012 have increased our network quality. The cargo transportation opportunities of the customers for different and alternative products have been expanded. While the rate of transit cargo within our total sales was 39% in the year before 2012, this rate has increased up to 44% in 2012.
Growing economy and strengthened domestic market of Turkey have contributed to the development of air cargo; on the other hand, economic fluctuations in Europe, wide-body aircrafts and freighters released from production lines and reduced production speed have increased supply. These changes in supply/demand balance directly reflect on the prices and pull them down. Our strategic position and closeness to the transportation networks and our strong network in air cargo from east to west and from north to south as Turkish Cargo enable us to focus on growth in transit market.

How do THY's successful advertisements, sponsorships, promotion campaigns affect awareness of Turkish Cargo in global market? What kind of works are carried out for promotion in cargo line?
Even though it is not direct, it has major impact… THY is a top brand in Turkey and in the world. Therefore, its advertisements stick in the mind easily. Turkish Cargo automatically receives its slice from the awareness pie. By means of our works that we have started last year, awareness will reach to a level that will be explained by numbers. Thus, our corporation will be able to use promotional means more consciously and productively.
We have new practices for 2013. We have new products that we will be offering to our customers very soon. We have arranged new works that cover the changes regarding new lines, new points, cargo aircrafts and passengers. Social media is one of the best ways to increase awareness… Our pages will reach new customers within this year. One of our projects will be an introductory film. We are working on short and full-length films; they will appear on media soon. We have another remarkable project, but we will keep it as a surprise.

How do you think the third airport project in Istanbul will affect air cargo transportation and Turkish Cargo?
In order to promote Istanbul, which is one of the most crowded cities of the world, to globalized world and to make a better use of its growing commercial potential, this new project, which will be beneficial for both Turkey and neighboring countries, should be actualized as soon as possible. If the third airport is built in accordance with the international norms, especially transit transportation volume will increase more. If we can use technology accurately and productively, we will become more preferable airway, for sure. When we combine this increasing volume with quality, we will definitely outlast in this sector.
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