Wednesday, 25 April 2018
Niche markets to fuel Reibel’s growth

Undersigning difficult operations thanks to its broad network of agencies in air cargo and its professional solutions, Reibel will focus on the niche markets and projects in line with its assertive target of growth it has set for 2013. The company, that is preparing to get its lion's share from the cargo traffic between Kazakhstan, which has entered in to a commercial agreement with Belarus and Russia, and Turkey, also started to follow Finland and Libya closely.

arif_badur_reibelHaving been the successful partner of the global air cargo operations in Turkey since 2001, Reibel presents the possibility of the “charter” cargo aircraft rentals upon demand, in addition to the transport of the Turkey-based cargoes to all destinations of the world by means of air. The company that has a solid network thanks to its identities of both charter brokerage and forwarder started this year with assertive targets after stagnant 2012.
Stating that the exporters’ preference of the transport alternatives with lower costs due to the Arab Spring, which affected the Libyan market where Reibel is strong and to the ongoing economic crisis, reflected negatively to the turnovers of the firms specialized in air cargo, Arif Badur, Reibel Transportation General Manager, thinks that 2013 will be relatively a better year both for the market and Reibel. Saying, “Niche markets and projects will fuel our company growth,” Badur points out that the fact that they are able to provide services within the entire range of transport provides them significant advantages. Badur explains that acting from the philosophy of Reibel’s ‘transportation is a matter of good organization,’ they started to eye the neighbouring countries and expresses that their large airline network and professional team will be their strongest trump within the competition.
Stating that their first stop would be Kazakhstan, Badur says: “Kazakhstan has entered into a union of forces with Russia and Belarus and the Customs Union was established. While the total trade volume between the two countries increased to 23,9 billion dollars in 2011, the level of 5 billion dollars was caught only in the first quarter of 2012, compared to the same period of the previous year, by 1.3 percent of increase. As a reflection of this important step, we wish to play a part in the air cargo traffic from Kazakhstan to Turkey that will increase. We have very strong partners in Kazakhstan in this regard. Our discussions with Turkish Airlines are ongoing within this framework. In line with the same vision, we are scrutinizing Finland and Libya as well. Our achievement of our goals even in one of these three markets will carry us to very different conditions.”

Underlining that they are expert of cargo rentals in terms of all kinds of transportation activities demanded for each spot of the world, Arif Badur states that they directed their agencies that have focused on forwarding to their charter operations. Regarding the operations they have realized recently Badur mentions:
“We are the member of both the United Nations and the World Food Programme. In this scope, we carried aid materials recently from Italy to Gaziantep for the Syrian refugees. We arranged all the operations of the cargo aircraft that carried the aid materials in the Myanmar visit of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It was a thorny operation since it was diplomatic. Moreover, for a Turkish defence company, we carried air defence systems from Ukraine’s Gostomel Airport to Northern Korea. We performed the operation from Ukraine from the beginning to the end.”
Specifying that, in addition to the projects they took part together with the Red Crescent and AFAD, they provide services intensely in the electricity and automotive sectors, Badur states that in the cases where the land and sea operations cannot be conducted due to unfavourable weather conditions, demand for air cargo increases.   
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