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Damla’s Key to Grow: Reliable Solutions

Posted: 2012-12-26

Damla International Transportation offers economic transportation models to its customers with its own operational solutions.

The eyes of the Dutch logisticians are on Turkey

Posted: 2012-12-26
Tagged: turgut erkeskin

Turkish President Abdullah Gül visited the Netherlands together with 150 businessmen.

Toll Global negotiates with Megatrans

Posted: 2012-12-26

Having 1,100 offices in 55 countries, Toll Global, Australian logistics giant, accelerated its investments in Turkey.

TLS Logistics inaugurated its storehouse in Tuzla for services

Posted: 2012-12-26

Having continued its investments toward the objective of growing in stability, TLS Logistics inaugurated its new storehouse in Tuzla, Orhanlı, with two storeys called Capella having 22 thousand metres of closed area.

Ceva has opened a new hub in Gebze

Posted: 2012-12-26
Tagged: ceva

Ceva, which continues its investments in Turkey, has opened a 10 thousand sqm hub in Gebze.

Netlog’s capacity increases 10% with 5 new warehouses

Posted: 2012-12-26

Netlog Logistics Group has increased its capacity 10% by putting its new warehouses in service in 5 different regions.

Collaboration of Alışan and Interbulk Grup

Posted: 2012-12-26

Interbulk Grup, which is the Netherlands-based market leader of global logistics in liquid and bulk transportation, has signed a collaboration agreement with Alışan Lojistik and appointed Alışan as its local Representative in Turkey.

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